Byron is a sausace dog who lives happily with his owner. He goes out for a walk twice a day and leads a quiet and comfortable life. However his life changes when he is unexpectedly visited by a coquettish and smug flea.

Byron is a secondary character in the animation series Mr.Trance which we produced alongside Señal Colombia channel. He is very popular with the very young public with ages ranging between 6 and 9 as proved by the feedback we have received over the 3 years during which it has been broadcasted and the focus groups that have been set up. Because of its success, in 2015 we decided to make a short film inspired by the series called Byron and the Flea, in which a new character – the flea – arrives in Byron’s life. On the basis of that short film we designed the series, and developed the concept that we wanted to convey.

In development. Color, animation 2D, HD. Format: 52 x 11’ Target audience: 6-9 years. Platforms: TV Show, App, games, website.